My Exclusive 10 Month

Pregnancy to Birth Plan

This exclusive pregnancy plan is simply amazing. All ladies looking for a single image to record the creation of a new life need look no more, you’ve found it!

This pregnancy plan is the culmination of years of trial and error on my part in designing an image I can repeat time and time again for everyone who wants something different.

This exclusive pregnancy portrait takes 10 months. “TEN” – I hear you say?  Yes… 10 months.
Although you take only nine months to do the most wonderful thing in the world, Create a NEW LIFE!
It takes me a little longer to create My Masterpiece.

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Here’s whats involved in my creation…

One portrait session a month for 9 months, each one is set up like the last to create the ever-growing montage of 9 bump portraits.

When born, a portrait session of baby and mum and an optional image with partner to match.

Month 11 is the final Portrait of the family as a group.

Month 12? well I need that to make your portrait.

There you have it a MASTERPIECE – 12 months in the making.

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This finished product is a

superb 40″ x 12″ Acrylic Wall Art Portrait

Beautifully finished and Laminated ready to hang.

Each monthly session will also give you the opportunity to have more images captured. Most clients take that as an opportunity to create a more intimate collection of images for a printed book of all best images.

This wall art is charged over 10 months with 9 payments of £50 at each sitting and a final payment of £550 on completion.

Each monthly session will also give you the opportunity to have more images captured on a speculative basis with no commitment to purchase.